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About Us - Why Safe And Secure

Why did we build this?

Before starting out on this adventure we built and managed some of Canada’s most popular websites – radio stations, tv networks, sites for banks, and large pizza delivery chains. They all had a common problem – hostile attacks happened with frightening regularity.

Of course, most attacks were highly unsophisticated and had little chance at succeeding. But, as the years went by, the frequency and sophistication of the attacks continued to grow until the point that we are at now – near constant attacks from all over the world that attack vulnerabilities in ways that wouldn’t have even been imagined 3 years ago.

To keep our sites safe we began to narrow our focus on security and prevention – we watched people try to hack our sites, we learned from them, and we began to implement procedures and code to stop them in their tracks.

“Safe and Secure” is built based on our experience – we know how awful it is to be attacked, and we know how hard it is to clean up after an event. We’re here to help you keep your site clean and open for business.

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